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The Beauty Tip Of The Century!

Well, DJ has discovered the beauty tip of the century!  Shall I be mean and put it behind a LJ cut?  Well he shared it with me - so I will share it with you, his friends.

Today when I went to get him in from the field he was pretty muddy and fairly damp.

Except, that is, for his mane and about 85% of his tail.  That was soft, slightly wavy, un-tangled, clean ... In fact I have never seen hair in such great condition before.

So - How did he get that ... 

Rolling in mud yesterday afternoon after his ride (Sorry, folks I said a roll in the mud, not a "roll in the hay") ... and then ... (This is the important factor) ... Standing in driving, freezing rain for 12 hours!!  Well, it worked - He looked stunning - the comb went straight through!

Anyway - enough of his beauty treatments - we met up with Ros and Cherry and went through the woods today.  As it was quite mild we only walked and trotted ... So DJ also has a handy hint ... If you want to exercise - Don't wear a fluffy fur coat!!!

He returned very hot!

Still it gave me the chance to actually get his tack cleaned, after I had towelled him down - so that was good!  And it didn't stop him eating a snack before he went back out to his field!!

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