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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
MEME - "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" Characters 
21st-Nov-2007 12:43 pm
Spike - LiveJournal
This is my second MEME of the day. Having said I hadn't done one in ages - and then here comes a second one. It was designed by, and snagged from tamakin She and a friend were chatting about Buffy/Angel guys ... and hence this meme.

"Its quite simple, rank the blokes below in order of loveness, with 1 being most hearted and 20 being most hated. It was originally meant to be based purely on looks, but i found myself basing it on characterness too.... so ye can do it either way. "

Heres the list, in random order:

1. Spike
2. Angel
3. Xander
4. Oz
5. Giles
6. Principal Wood
7. Andrew
8. Jonathan
9. Warren
10. Wesley
11. Gunn
12. Lindsay
13. Riley
14. Doyle
15. Parker
16. Hamilton
17. Caleb
18. Holden/Knox
19. Ben
20. Connor 

So here goes - 
One point I must make is that I have yet to watch "Angel" so the list are the characters from "Buffy" - and only that story arc.

1)  SPIKE ... Come on, I dare any of you to be suprised ... or to disagree.  So much has been talked about him that what else can I say - but "It's Spike"
2)  Oz ... I really liked Oz - and thought his character was great - both when he was human and then how he reacted to becoming a werewolf
3)  Giles ... I liked his storyline - even though I hated his reactions to Buffy and her worries about dying and about Spike - but I can see why he acted as he did.
4)  Riley ... I didn't like him too much.  But could see where all his story lines came from - and did feel sorry for him - especially towards the end, because, like Spike, it is hard to love someone who doesn't love you.
5)  Xander ... He was very shallow - and never really understood what sacrifices were going on around him - just how they would affect him.
6)  Jonathon ... What we saw of him was great - a pity he got killed off so quickly.
7)  Angel ... To me his character never really went anywhere - even as Angelus, he seemed a very one-dimensional person.
8)  Andrew ... He was annoying, but by the end of his story there were glimpses of a mature adult arising.
9)  Principle Wood ... I don't like people with a one-track mind (Even if that focus is on Spike!!)
10)  Wesley ... A watcher that would eventually learn.  But just too bound by the books and not by experience.
11)  Ben ...  You have to feel sorry for him really.  I liked Ben - but you can't take away that inner nemesis who governed.  That's why he is so far down the list.
12)  Parker ... A typical teen/twenties guy.  If the girls fall for his line he will continue to use it!
13)  Warren ... Nothing was going to stand in his way - either girls, friends ... That is not a nice person to know.
14)  Caleb ... Another real villain.  He was after warren on my list as, having a deep Christian faith, I find it very hard to excuse people who are evil ... and then hide behind the mask of their faith.

Gunn, Lindsey, Doyle, Hamilton, Knox and Connor ... One of these days I will get hold of Angel and then I can add you to the list!
21st-Nov-2007 05:42 pm (UTC)
YAY oz!! hehehehehe!

And oooer an angel virgin *teehee* Dude, connor/cordy is gonna scar you forEVER! hehehehehe

*hugs* thanks for doing the meme!
21st-Nov-2007 05:46 pm (UTC)
It was good - even with the missing names. Yes - one of these days I will sneak a peap at Angel ... but for now I stick to BTVS ... and Spike!!

Yes - i do love Oz.

elisi has just snagged from me - and they have had a couple of entries that point out that you forgot Clem, Snyder (!), Mr Gordo
21st-Nov-2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
HAHAHA! Mr gordo! Bless! Yeah we were originally goin on hotness.. so we didnt think theyd apply *snigger* I do love clem though, such a sweetiepie.
21st-Nov-2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
yes - that was what the debate agreed - Clem is cute though ... But you can't really call him "pretty" ... Not like you can Spike - who comes #1 in any list I want to make!!!!
21st-Nov-2007 09:21 pm (UTC)
14) Caleb ... Another real villain. He was after warren on my list as, having a deep Christian faith, I find it very hard to excuse people who are evil ... and then hide behind the mask of their faith.
I wrote down some thoughts on Caleb (and other things) once, in case you're interested? Post here. :)
21st-Nov-2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks for that link.

That's great - really does stretch his whole persona. I made the list and tried to just think of a one-liner ... Therefore the comment. I want to go throught the whole series at some point, like you have and puts some thoughts on paper. Thanks for that.

I have read a lot of C S Lewis - but don't think I have read "Mere Christainity" - I am sure Dad must have it, so will have a look at the book as well.
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