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At long last I am out of bed long enough to type something - this chest infection, afetr a virus has wiped me out - I've now spent 7 out of the last 10 days sleepin, and still feel tired!  My back is aching, from all the rest, and my chest is still killing me - but, I'm around for a short time, so that is progress!

Heard today from the house sellers agents - looks as if it may be getting finally sorted.  The problem was that 5 years ago the house had been knocked down and re-built into 2 properties (with planning permission) ... but now that one half was being sold, the Council reconed there was a breach of the original contract!  So, rightly my solicitor wanted that sorted out before my name became involved.  It looks as if that is getting underway ... so I wait for the next stage.  Other than that it should be OK to move.  Still, how I've felt these last 2 weeks I'm glad I can just collapse at Mum & Dad's and not have to worry!

For some of you, you will have been spammed with my icon journal ... The rest, if you want to see - there are some Stargate and V icons here (and a couple of Andromeda ones) There are some Dr Who & Torchwood ones here And some Star Trek Voyager ones.

Here are a few teasers from the 3 sets -


And the exciting, and shocking news, is that 2 of my BtVS icons have been nominated in the No Rest For The Wicked Awards - so thank you if one of you did that ... I'm totally overwhelmed.

Hope that I haven't missed too much while I've been "poorly" - if so please let me know.  Hope the rest of you are keeping well ... and bug-free.

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