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Escorting The Ladies ... A Proper Job For A Man!

... So that is what DJ spent an hour of his afternoon doing!

I had to work this morning, so went riding this afternoon.  We were due to leave at 2pm - and I got there at 1.50pm!!  I went rushing out to the field.  DJ was right at the far corner - but fortunately Smudge and Badger had worked this morning; and Junior was going out this afternoon, so he was feeling abandoned.  So as I called to him he came cantering over ... Let me tell you, that does give you a thrill.

I was still rushing - so although he was very muddy there wasn't time for a full groom - so I did his feet, brushed where his saddle, girth and bridle rest.   I wasn't ready by 2 ... but we weren't too bad!

So DJ escorted his 5 women!!  Toni, Junior, Ros, Cherry and myself!

Having said that - he always let one of the horses go first.  Maybe he has been watching all the news about Our Queens Diamond Wedding Anniversary and decided to be like Prince Philip and let the ladies go first!

We had a great ride - and a long canter down the trimmed track - so that was real fun.

And the timing couldn't have been better - the Heavens opened just as I led him back into his box.  It meant that I got wet taking him and Smudge back out to their field - but as I was going straight to the car and home, that didn't matter too much.

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