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James Marsters - Concert at The Point, Cardiff, November 2007

By now most of you will probably know that the concert didn't go as well as it could have done!  So below the cut are some rambles - form a fan (so beware of the bias!!) and a couple of pictures taken that evening.

As I told you in my other report, most of my pictures were taken on film so I am waiting (with my fingers crossed) to see if they came out - and then I shall post them later.

The concert started with the so-called support group.

Sorry to say - but they were not my taste oin music at all ... in fact, I couldn't call it music!  And I was a teenager in the 70's so have heard a wide varity of groups.  I also found it hard that they were such a different "style" to James, so for me the noise I endured didn't gel!!  Music is not just a loud selection of notes in a random order, with a drum beat through it ... But, as I said, there are some people who like that style - just not me!

Anyway - at long last James came on stage.

His section was in two parts.

The first where he was accompanied by a guitarist.  Again, that upset me - I play in an orchestra and a band where we always have soloists performing at each concert ... the idea of the backing group is to support the artist.  This guy was a good guitarist - but he tried to prove it by both over-powering James singing and not following James for the tempo.  In many ways it was OK in that we got to hear James sing - but his accompanist had a star-complex ... he didn't accompany - he led  ... So, so wrong!!

However we got to hear James lovely voice, so it was worth putting up with for that!

Then we had James have the strapping cut off his hand and pick up the guitar form the earlier band ... thus proving once-and-for-all the lack of musical talent in that band ... James played one cord - and realised how much the instrument needed tuning!

Anyway - James proceeded to play some pieces, although he had to give up on a couple as he was obviously in a lot of pain.  The looks of sadness and upset in his face as he realised he was letting us down were tragic.   He is a great musician - and a superb performer, so it must have been so hard to finish slightly earlier than originally planned.  I hope he realises that his hand will heal - and will be OK ... and that live music is just that ... live.  It has good days and bad days.  I hope that he can soon move on and focus on his next concert - whenever Steve can organise one for him!

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