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James Marsters, Fan Event - Cardiff, November 2007

The above icon was made for me after I had spent 10 seconds with his arm round me in May ... Life has never been the same!

Yes, I have been to 2 live concerts now - as those of you who read my report in May will know, that was my first ever visit to a gig (Even though I play in 2 bands and an orchestra, I have never bean a member of the audience before then!)

So, I saw James in Union Chapel, Islington in May and then travelled for my photo on the following day - and as my page says - My 10 seconds in Heaven.

Then in July I travelled for the evening to Cardiff - and hated to admit that I had no problems with the transport - as did

deborahw37 and bendy1 . I just drove there, had a great time and drove straight home.

So - the car is repaired, the CD is in the player - I am ready!

So, now for my third concert in 6 months ... and the first time I was able to actually go to a fan event. Therefore I hadn't really a clue what to expect.

I left my parents at 7 in the morning and got to Cardiff by 9.15 ... Even remembering the way to the car park! So I parked, paid and then walked to The point, which was just round the corner. I remembered to go via the Millenium Assembly Hall this time, so that I could see the "waterfall" statue that is featured in Torchwood.

The day was a lot drier than in July - but still a cool wind. Anyway, the one thing that I have learnt in my 3 James experiences that even if you go by yourself, most people are really friendly and there is always someone to caht to about James or Spike ... so however long you queue the time passes!

I hadn't been there too long when ukchrisp arrived (with 3 friends) - We actually got to chat this time, having stood next to each other at the last concert and not knowing it! Soon after I saw spikereader arrive and said "Hi" before she went off to meet u[p with other friends.

James and Gareth (David-Lloyd) arrived looking happy and relaxed and the disabled went in first so that they could have their photos done.

Then at long last we were allowed inside - great to be able to sit and be in the warmth. It might be nice to wear good shoes - but killing on the feet!

I was sitting about the third row back and while people were settling they were showing some fan videos - none of which I had actually seen before. so that was an added bonus.

The photo shoot was then done - in the upper gallery. About 2/3 of those attending (including myself) opted to have a photo with James - and not with them both. So in the end they split it so that Gareth was then free for a Q&A session. He was much more relaxed than his Ianto in Torchwood - and answered all the questions. I didn't hear all of them as I was by now queuing for my photo. While in the queue I got to meet jamalov29 and aa_eve_aa ... I had never met either of them, so that was really lovely to meet them both.

As the queue went up the stairs I was watching those in front of me get a hug and was determined I wasn't going to wimp out like I did in Cardiff.  It worked .... I got a hug, then had the photo and another great hug when I left.  That guy is 101% gorgeous (Sorry but I just love him!!)  I managed to walk down the stairs without collapsing in a heap - so that is progress.  The photo turned out really nice as well.

There was then the opportunity to purchase another photo - which I did.  That picture was awful - but still worth it to get another set of hugs.

They then had a Q&Q with James, Gareth and Catherine (one of the writers on Torchwood) - This was mostly Torchwood based.  But to me the funniest part was when someone asked Catherine about Cap'n Jack being The Face of Boe ... and once it was explained to James it was great watching him laugh at that story line.  He was just so enjoying this side-line story.

Then it was time for the autographs.  I had printed out a couple of the pictures that I had taken in July for him to sign.  Whether he noticed or not was hard to say as we ended up talking about his hand injury.  Then I got Gareth to sign a picture and almost fell down the next 2 steps ... still focussing on James' lovely hands!

Then, as that went on for some time, Steve (Himber) held a short, impromptu Q&A about the writers strike in the States ... and then it was time for James Q&A.

The questions varied - and he answered them all.  He was bubbling about his forthcoming role in Dragonball, but can not say anything about it - so spent some time telling us how proud his 11 year old son was of him - 

The picture is a bit dark - I took loads of photos on film, but won't get them back till the end of the week.

Anyway - I had an amazing time - my first ever fan event - but overall the 4 hugs I got from James made the day completely worh it!

So then it was time to leave so they could set up for the evening - grab something to eat - and join another queue!  More about that in my next post!
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