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BtVS Drabble - Tormented Soul

Drabble, set in Season 6 BtVS, soon after Once More With Feeling.
The first 10 words are quoted from that episode.
100 worrs.
No Beta ... the mistakes are all my own!

Tormented Soul

"Let Me Rest In Peace
Let Me Get Some Sleep"

How those words burn true.  Peace is something that's ceased to exist and sleep brings nightmares.

The people around, who should have been friends, seem to be too busy with their own worries to help.  Maybe even too busy to care.

If only Heaven didn't seem so unattainable then maybe that all elusive peace could be restored.  Or, maybe Buffy just needed to realise that she wasn't alone.  Spike knew what terrors were out there and he would help her regain her peace if only she gave him a chance.

Tags: btvs, buffy, drabble, season 6, spuffy
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