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What A Day!

The weather is gorgeous and I have no patients ... so what am I doing ...

You guessed wrong! ... The lack of DJ icon should be a hint!

I am going through and backing up absolutely EVERYTHING on my computer! It is slowly dying - won't let me open word ... and crashed Outlook Express yesterday, although that seems to be working today.

I had hoped to put off the expense of a new computer as business has been very slow over the last couple of months, and then with the added car bills ... but if I want to keep in touch with you all (which I do) it looks like I have to go shopping next weekend.

Small gap for SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as this weekend I am at Cardiff - For those who don't realise it, the icon was from a picture that I took in July and the great kazzy_cee made for me.

So I am gradually getting cross-eyed. Fortunately my CD-writer appears to be working - so I should have saved everything. It was odd letters saved in Outlook and things like that, which will be the worry.

But - I think I have got everything on disc. I do back up most things like my photos regularly - so those should be OK which is the main thing!

On another positive note I have bought Toni's Christmas present from DJ ... a years subscription to a Craft magazine ... and while there decided to buy Toni's husband a subscription to a Classic Car Mag (what do you buy guys??)

Another SQUEEEEEE needed to cheer me up - before I get depressed by saying that my CD has still not turned up - I have e-mailed but haven't heard anything - so will try again.

Anyway - Hope I haven't depressed you all, but it is great to have somewhere to let off steam - Thanks for listening

And - Because I can't help myself -


See some of you on Saturday!
My number is 07971 297 911)
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