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You Can Not Blame DJ For Being Shocked!

Well - he looked shocked to realise it was Monday morning - and I had walked out to his field to get him in!  Mind you - most of us feel a bit shocked when it is Monday, so I suppose that is OK.

In we went - and he got groomed.  As ever he was very dusty - but dry.  So, a lot of brushing - but other than both of us getting choked up, that was OK.

Neither toni or I had much time today - so she went and got Junior - and we just went up the road, past what we now know as a murder site (!) and back again ... and that is where it happened!

No - not the murder ... the shock!

Hasn't anyone looked at a calender - it is November ... and in England that means Autumn ... No - not where we were ... We came round the corner and there on the verge were some daffodils growing ... I am not a great gardener but even I know that is wrong.  And it made poor DJ do a double-take!!

He really did need his carrot when he got back home today!

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