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5 Questions ... & Answers

Some time ago I answered one of the cahllenges on a couple of other freinds LJ's to get asked 5 questions by them.

As life tends to get hectic I shall (at long last) answer one of them ... and they are answered in the order I got them ... no preferential treatment!

Anyhow, jaded_jamie  asked the first lot ... and as with the other questions I got asked there are some good soul-searching ones!

1: Do you agree with capital punishment and why?
2: Are online interpersonal relationships/friends easier?
3: Who has hurt you the most in your life?
4: What is your fandom and why?
5: When did you last cry?

1: Do you agree with capital punishment and why?

As ever when you see this question you know that your answer will not be simple ... and will probably offend some people.  So let me say that to begin with!  If you don't agree with me ... OK ... I can accept that. 

My basic answer is "Yes, in principle", but in practice it's very hard to do.

The are some terrible and re-occuring criminals who prey on children (especially).  The suffering they cause lasts for the victims lives ... and for many there is no real reasonable excuse.  There are recurrent rapists as well.  To name the most common "disasters" 

However I do believe in forgiveness - especially true eternal forgivenes.  So that anyone, whatever their past can truly regret and ask forgiveness ... so this is where the answer further becomes a "grey" area. 

There is no easy answer - and I thoink I will muddle myself further by trying to split the facts more.  One point I will say though is that many of the problems related to capital punishment are aggrevated by the governments (etc) that organise the systems.  So in thinking of the initial question I am ignoring the assorted systems already in place and gave a couple of generalised points.
2: Are online interpersonal relationships/friends easier?

Yes - and no!

I have one or two good RL friends ... I have one or two special LJ friends (and lots of other friends on LJ) ... I suppose part of online life is you have time to think as you type ... I know I'm doing that as I work out how to answer the question - RL doesn't give that and it's easier to say the wrong thing ... although face to face you get to see the person's eyes ... so it's easier to know the truth!

I have a bad habit of liking someone (or not) when i first meet them ... and have yet to change my mind after that initial impression ... LJ is harder ... it takes me a couple of entries/comments before I know what I think!

So ... yes & no! 

3: Who has hurt you the most in your life?

Maybe the real answer to this is "me"

If I could put aside my insecurities ... be more willing to share myself ... maybe I wouldn't have been so isolated, which is the thing that causes me the most pain.

However, many of those insecurities come from 2 main sources.

a)  My family has always menat a lot to me ... but I know in putting them first I have lost much of "me".

b)  Lesley bullied me from age 9 - 17 ... she made me feel nothing - broke up any tentative friendships, till I gave up ... thus pushing me to my family for friendship ... so aggrevating the problem.

Yes, I can type this - yes, I know this ... but I can't do a thing about it in RL!! 

4: What is your fandom and why?

Wonder which Jamie meant ... so he'll get both answers -

a)  Spike - and Spuffy.

As most of you know I only started watching BtVS in mid season 7 ... and was fascinated of the story of the wicked guy looking for forgiveness ... watching Spike's story, my heart goes out to him.  Never really being loved yet always looking for it.  He was willing to put himself "on the line" for those he loved ... yet never really got any true support.

In the end Spike does the ultimate of looking for forgiveness ... and still helping those who have rejected him.

Buffy was pushed around by many - even though she was physically strong she was emotionally week.  For the 2 of them they have an on-going deep story.  One so rarely seen in a work of fiction ... and one that has inspired countless hours of fiction and artwork ... that in itself is testament to the depth of feelings they illicit (not just from me) 

As BtVS finished I was upset and decided to re-write the ending ... the first attempt I've ever had at writing ... and the reason that I ended up on LJ!

b) James

Come on - you had to guess!

His acting is what drew me to BtVS - I saw a vampire fighting restraints, having just been sitting leaning against his mothers knee ... one scene, yet amazing acting.  (Lies, season 7)

Having watched BtVS and heard his CD, I decided that I wanted to go to hear him sing live ... that was the first time I have ever thought about such a thing - let alone did it.  That concert (like others) was amazing - he seemed so casual as if we were all firnds - that relaxed atmosphere was very special.  I then travelled to Milton Keyenes to have my picture taken ... and still don't remember that!  But, I do remember having my autograph signed ... and ahving watched a couple of others being so speedy as to harly nod, I was stunned with a handshake and a personal conversation - he answered my comment with a personal question to me ... for htose seconds he was focussed on me ... and that is a very special talent.

He is a great actor who I would love to see getting the screen rcognition he deserves.

And I do hope that he gets to England next year - the withdrawel symptoms have been bad!

5: When did you last cry?

I think the last time was a week (or so) ago ... while praying for someone.  It made my mind drift and a deep sense of sadnes overwhelmed me! 

I think that is something I seem to go through every few months ... although there are one or two films that can also make me well up (but very rarely cry)

Wow - if any of you are still awake I am amazed!

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