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Rapid, Short Update

Wow the computer is slow - I'm writing from work as otherwise I never seem to get time.

Between internet searching for house (I'm going to see one later, which is why I'm still "here"), and getting ready for a concert in Bude this Saturday ... and work!  Life has been hectic.

No real news - other than apologies if I have missed something from you.  I try to skim through every day ... but sometimes that's as far as it gets.

Jiffy is slowly moving easier ... and 7 weeks on his skin infection is almost gone!  So basically good news there.

Mum has developed problems in her one working eye, so that has been very stressful for her ... and for Dad, who has found it hard to see Mum struggling with partial blindness.

No news on the house, yet - but Tim has been great ... so that's been wonderful.

Well, I must get a coffee, so have to move away from the pc - hope all is well with you ... and that I will catch up with you all, properly, soon!

*hugs* my friends.
Tags: house sale, mum and dad, personal, rde, rl, tim

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