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DJ and Rags are exploring - in the sunshine again! 
24th-Jan-2007 05:12 pm
Adventure before dementia
... Yes DJ and I went out with the neighbour Roz and her horse "Ragamuffin" ... the horse who didn't like DJ last week. Well today he decided that DJ was OK - I personally think that they should have been honoured to go out with us!

 We went down to the stream that we visited on our first trip out - again no fairies, but we both enjoyed the scenery.

Then back up the hill and this time we headed straight across the road and down a very long track ... before heading back up the length of the road at canter - both of them thoroughly enjoyed being able to stretch out nicely.

From there we headed back home via the Hunt kennels - or as I explained to DJ - stables for dogs ... I thought he would understand that better than having to learn a new word!

Then past the Anglican church - before heading home - arriving about 2 hours after we left.  

Poor DJ was pretty tired - he is unused to hills and over an hour at a time - so although he is getting fitter, I still have to watch how he goes.  But, he is still really happy - and enjoying life.

We said goodbye to our companions at their gate with the promise to meet up again next week ... and so headed home - for a rest ... a carrot ... and back out to his field to tell his companion, Conrad, all about his morning!

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25th-Jan-2007 08:24 am (UTC)
Yes - we really are having fun. I think I am so excited because until we had to move all we had done was centered around a town ... making DJ great in traffic - but now I am getting to do some "proper" riding - and enjoying some amazing sites.
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