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Happy Birthday Jiffy ... Thank You Jamie

Just got in from work - and was catching up with LJ ... when suddenly the sore feet were forgotten.

Today, as I posted is Jiffy's birthday ... and as I flicked back I found the the truly wonderful jaded_jamie  had made him a card -


He has had a great day - he supervised my housework that I did for mum & dad before work, then this afternoon he supervised mum & dad while they gardened.  He has a new toy that squeaks, so that has made him happy ... and a few special treats to help the day go on well!

Sadly, his leg is still sore - and his skin infection is being stubborn, but we are sure neither are causing him pain - or slowing him down when he wants to chase the local Magpies!

Thank you, Jamie ... and those friends of his who wished the little man a Happy Birthday - I have shown him the picture and read the messages to him!

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