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What a lovely day

... Yes DJ and I have been out on our travels. The weather was great (again) - although it was cold, it was also dry and there were only a couple of patches of ice around.

 Smudge and Toni escorted the two of us again.  We went out along the roads for a couple of miles and then headed down and through yet another amazing valley.  The scenery around this part of North Devon is spectacular.

Once the 2 boys had stopped for a drink in the stream it was time to make our way back up the other side - having now crossed into Cornwall we continued on along the road.  The views were spectacular - nither of us had seen Lundy Island so clearly.  Then through a small hamlet - where we passed one of the local riding stables ... DJ was a good boy, though.  It is usually at times like that he will spook at nothing.

Then back into the woods and down the valley that we had gone through last week - and so back up and on the way home.

We were out for about 2 1/2  hours overall.  Lovely.

When we got back Toni nagged me into trimming the end off his tail.  He has the most amazing silver main and tail - I really must get another picture for you to see - so I trimmed off level with his hocks, otherwise this wet winter will ruin the overall quality.  While I had the scissors she also persuaded me to trim the long hiar that was on the back of his lower legs, so that they don't just end up full of mud for him.  So I do hope that he enjoyed his pampering - personally I think he was more interested in his carrot!

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