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Highs & Lows ...

... or maybe life is just random!

How many times have you listened to the new and heard of a car crash, and sadly a death.  It is regular, and like the cynics we have all become I tend to ignore it.

I did that last week - and then realised that it is Brenda's niece they were talking about.

Chloe was 23, with a 4 year old son.  She lived in a small town, along with most of her family, and they all went to the same Church.  She was involved in an accident, of which the other driver walked clear ... and sadly it is thought it was totally "his" fault.

Such sadness in a family, and although I haven't seen her since she was 5 (at Nick & Brenda's wedding) it has struck home.

The family are totally distraught ... although are very close, so are pulling together to support each other.

I must learn to listen to the news and remember that deaths affect so much more than the individual named.

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