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What a day so far - had my final Hepatitis "stab" ... so only confirmation blood tests to go.  So, thanks to work 2 MMRs and 3 Heps ... lots more to me now!

Many thanks to the most thoughtful of friends ... I am now protected from adverse programming waves that flow around the Cosmos, due to my flashy new Tin Helmet ... jaded_jamie  you are the best ... now I just wait for The Doctor to fully protect the world, but until then I have a new fashion accessory!  (Don't know what the hospital will make of it!)

Well, tea is drunk, thanks are said ... I'm off to vote ... a priviledge that we in Britain should never ignore ... don't know if I have Local Elections or just the Vote system ... but either/or I wanted to do it ... hence the reason I'm here today.

Tags: health, thanks, voting

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