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More Lesson Time ... But Lots Of Fun As Well!

Yes DJ and I continue to work at getting a good active walk and better response time when I ask for the transition between walk and trot.  I can't always tell him off though - as sometimes it was the fact that Toni and I were chatting more than I was concentrating on what DJ was doing!

Still - that is also good that I am not nagging him all the time, and he is getting better - and getting lots of praise for that as well>  Yesterday Toni was riding Smudge and we went roung the village and down the track, that after some rain this week was of a nice consistancy to canter on ... and boy did the 2 boys enjoy themselves!  It was fun for all 4 of us!

When we got back I carried on with DJ past the entrance - much to his horror ... as Smudge walked in!  No it meant that I spent 10 minutes walking up the road and back - both to concentrate on his walk, but mainly so that he (or should I say we) had some time of independant riding.  He was a good boy - but yet again very hot by the time we got back .

Good excuse for a cup of coffee while he continued to dry (I did towel him over thoroughly as well) ... then time to be fed and back to his field.  Smudge actually stayed in a lettle longer as Toni was going to re-clip him.

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