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Greece and Turkey -- Part 2

I had thought I would post the whole holiday in one - but it was getting very long - so this is Turkey! ... The last half was Greece!

On our penaltimate day we went on a trip to Bodram,Turkey.  This was yet another country for all three of us - and, in fact, another continent ... As none of us had been to Asia.

The customs/passport control took forever! - It was actually worse leaving Greece, than when we returned. 

When we got to the harbour we walked to our coach and then were taken up to see a view of the town.  I learnt to drive in East London - but let me assure you that things on the roads were quite and calm by comparison!

While we were there it was pointed out to us - the ancient theatre,  and behind that we were told to look at the empty space between the houses!

This had been the site of one on the 7 wonders of the Ancient world ... shall I leave you guessing!  No, it was the site of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  It was constructed for King Maussollos by his wife (who was alos his sister!) ... and later destroyed by an earthquake.  However to give some idea of the size - "some" of the stone was re-cycled when the Knights of St John came to build the castle - 

The King and Queen in question hacve their statue near the harbour - 

We were taken to a gold market - and then given free time where we visited the market - 

I don't think I could ever get used to the idea of bartering - if something has a price ticket then I chose whether to buy it or not - but the Turks hate that .. Oh well, i only bought a fridge magnet, so hopefully the trader wasn't insulted that I didn't haggle.

I am glad I went - but will admit I much prefered Kos.

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