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Ever Wonder How I Chose My User-Name?

Well - as most of you should know the 2nd half comes from the most amazing character to ever hit the screens!  What more need I say!

The Debris-bit is a nickname I was given 15 (ish) years ago by the conductor of the orchestra - and it stuck - as I think it is funny ... but true.

Take this evening for example.

I was going to type up DJ's morning - have tea and then sort out some pics to put on photo-bucket of hy hols.  So far - so good.

Tea was easy - toast and peanut butter.

So I put 2 pieces of bread in the pop-up toaster, and went to type about DJ.  So fa - so good.

DJ was up on LJ - time for tea.  I opened my kitchen door to black smoke ... and the remains of a toaster - not only had it burnt the toast - it burnt itself!  So I am also now thinking that my smoke-detector batteries are dead!

OK - next plan - once I can see and breath - I still need tea ... I know - toasted cheese sandwich - as I clipped that close the clip broke!

Who said cooking was easy ...

And - Who still wonders where my user-name comes from!!
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