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Catching Up - If You Can Cope With The Ramble!

I must get a post written ... yet I still had a bit of a sleep in after the alarm clock went off!  I know it's only 8.30 but have a lot I want to do today!  Yes, I'm in Bude.

I need to tidy and clean the house - don't get much chance when I'm only here overnight for an orchestral rehearsal, so have taken the day off today to get some work done.  I need to try to sort out the garden, cut the grass etc, as well.  Housework and gardenning are not my favourite tasks, and just over the last few months I have been slowly taking them on at Mum & Dads as I realised how little Mum is doing now ... she thinks she is but her memory gets her missing days.  Sad to see .... both when its "mum" but also someone who is so houseproud.  So, I try to get as much done as I can.

One other thing I need to do is make a decision about moving - yes I love Bude, but that's not reason enough to stay.  I ought to try to get a place in Exeter, so the early mornings wouldn't be so early.  Mum is getting very possessive again, which I find hard (for many reasons) ... so me being at their place so much makes her think it's permenant.  This is why today was great - I said goodnight to her on Tuesday, but won't see her till Friday evening - one day in Bude but with shifts that's how it works!  Although we will speak on the phone, as she does every day.

Later today I have to meet up with someone from orchestra.  She (plus the conductor) are the only ones who seem to realise that I'm (at the very least) working away.  I have been treasurer (and done 1/2 the secrearial work) for 20 years ... no I love it, but some things need to change.  Everyone thanks me each year - but no one wants to take anything on.  The lady involved I feel ghuilty about, as she is fightling a battle with cancer (although, again, very few people know how badly things are going)  I love orchestra - but have always said that I don't like many of the people ... not it confirms why!

Another on my list of to-do's today is get some birthday pressies posted (it was my friend's birthday yesterday, but her address was in my address book, and that is here (and I was there!); I need to collect my prescription (ironocal when I work in a hospital) and get to the bank, to check I still have some money in there, as I have yet to get any pay!

Washing is already 1/2 done ... but I have 2 other loads to do!

The great news is that I still truly love the job - even when I see the "sad" stages of the work ... yes, I have been there to help for most things now.  But I still love it - to be able to help comfort the ill, help worried people by just answering a simple question ... whatever  is needed.  It is great.

My injections went well this week, as well.  Had my booster of my MMR and my Hep B ... so need blood tests in a couple of months to check the Hep B & C have taken.  They recon they found my TB injection scar (but I have doubts) ... still I know I had it, and with all the chest infections that I had over the last few years, I know I don't have any active TB cells ... and the best bit of the day, I met Claire for lunch ... so a good time.

Wow that was a ramble - if you're still awake and reading - well done!

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