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DJ has been on the road again ...

... literally. It was again foggy and I was limited for time, so we decided to put the horses in a horse-box and travell them up the main road - thus eliminating the boring bit of the trip and cutting down on time.

 We (my friend and I; DJ and Smudge) unloaded at some local forestry - and rode back through the track for about 3 miles.  Although we only kept at a slow pace it was lovely to see the trees - At present they are cutting down a whole section, ready for re-planting.  It is an area of conifers - and so where the full-grown trees are I suggested it was dark enough to house a vampire (I wish!).

Overall it was a lovely relaxing time - except for the sound of chain-saws in the distance.  

We saw sings of spring - with frog-spawn in the full ditches.  And after yeaterday's storms it was just great to be out again.

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