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Rodeo - Here We Come!

DJ was in a weird mood yesterday as I was getting him ready - didn't want his saddle on, but tried getting his bridle on himself as I took it off the door!!

As Toni, Junior, DJ and myself headed off for a ride he decided that the cars were out to get him ... that was my car that was parked where it always is!  Then the first 2 cars we came across on the road.  Sadly I had to tell him off and tell him to pull himself together - and after that chat he was a bit better.

We didn't go too far really - and most of the rest of the ride was great - chatting about my holiday, the forthcoming James concert, Toni's family and some competition plans she is working on.

As we got about 1/2 mile from home we had to wait near a cross-roads while a herd of bullocks were moved.  DJ was pretty good, although Junior wasn't 100% happy.  Near the end one of the cows broke off and headed up a bank, through a hedge and into a field.  So we had to wait for it to be rounded up before we could proceed.

By the time this cow was back on the road the rest of the herd were nowhere in sight - so as he had spotted the horses he made his way towards us.  Junior side-stepped out of the way, so he kept walking towards a stunned DJ.  As he got close DJ decided standing still wasn't an option - he wanted to run (can't say I blamed him).  However as I wouldn't let him do that he tried the classic - buck, buck, twizzle, buck, twizzle ...etc!!

The bullock took one look at our display and decided anything was safer than this so he turned back on himself and trotted back up the road!

I got DJ under control - and moving in the correct direction - although he wasn't happy as that was the same way as both the cow had gone and Junior had disappeared to.  Still once he saw her waiting in another field gateway he calmed down ... and then we didn't walk home ... he strutted home - Well he had been the "MAN" ...seeing off this awful beast ... and "protecting me while doing so"!

Needless to say he was quite warm by the time we got back - so I had to have a cup of coffee while I was waiting for him to cool down.

Once cool he was fed - back out to his field to have a good roll and then trot over to Smudge to tell him all about his exciting morning!
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