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I Know ... This was Going To Be Written A Couple Of Days ago ... But ...

... Trying hard to think of a valid excuse, and failing.

In fact I owe my brother Nick a letter, but don't tell him, I doing this first!

Yay - I've finished training - Panic - I'm on my own!

I've just done a shift where I was officially "just" a member of staff.  Everything went OK, but still hard to remember what needs to be done, in what order.

Yes, every ward in the hospital runs on the same basis, but it doesn't!  No, I'm not mad.  You have to remember that you have acute & chronic, young & old, operations, illnesses, infections, etc.  So some things have to get delayed whether you want to or not.

I am loving it - Thank you, again, for all your help and support over the last year ... and over the last few weeks.

I know that I am in the right place, my faith in being placed where I should be, as well as the help I've had from you all, has really got me to this point in time.

I love the work - and am amazed at the varity of things I have to do within that duty.  Yes, I make beds and bathe ill people, but I also have to remove catheters and canulas, feed patients, push beds around the hospital, etc.

The staff, so far, have been exceptionally helpful and supportive - and working with the patients is great.  To be able to help people back to recovery, or even to help them if they are "poorly" is a really special thing.  I love it.

So, I have 4 more shifts to do, before I can put in for any pay, but other than that (and the early starts for early shifts) life at R D & E (The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital) is great.

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