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A Real Update ....

... and about time to, I hear you all yelling back!


The concert went well last night.

We had about 80 people there,and although each piece had a small mistake in it, I think they were only noticable to those of us playing.  No one stopped, no glaringly bad wrong notes ... a good night.

We played-
La Villanelle Rapita Overture by W A Mozart
Clarinet Concerto by C M Weber
Notturno #1 by J Haydn
Brook Green Suite by G Holst
Fantasia on Greensleeves by R V Williams
Unfinished Symphony by F Schubert

The concerto went well, although Amanda (who is the other clarinettist) was very nervous.  She is a Clarinettist by profession, so good to see nerves gets to everyone.  However at her minor mistake she just kept going and picked it all up again.  She had a beautiful tone.  She is also a nice person, and we get on well ... it never worries her who plays 1st or 2nd .... in fact in the symphony I did the 1st part ... the other pieces we shared.  I had looked at the solo part of the concerto part, and was completely unable to get my fingers around about half of it!

The second 1/2 were these two pieces ... and my favourites of the night.  Thought you might like to hear them, if you don't know them.  I'm listening to the Schubert as I type this and wish I had played my solos that clearly!!

First Movement -

Second Movement -

Will update on work/training in a minute - Dad has just got back with Jiffy, and on a Sunday I take him for a second walk ... I don't think updating you would go down well with him as an excuse, would it?

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