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10 Things Meme

I snagged this from colored_leaves  ... but I think you will probably find it boring today, as I would be suprised if you learnt anything!

DAY 1: 10 Things about you

1. My faith in God is the most important thing in my life.
2. I love my family ...even though I sometimes want to strangle them!
3. My friends are very, very special. Until I was at college I didn't have friends, and although still in touch with 3 of them our paths have moved on.
In my mid 30's I met a couple of girls locally who are keen on Blakes 7 ... then I met Toni and learn what it was to have a "best friend"
Then I discovered LJ - and now have a small group of people who I know are very special friends ... some I have met ... some I have yet to meet. Yet you are incredibly important to my life.
4. I'm a James Marsters fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Having worked as an osteopath for 26 years, I closed my business, and spent 9 months unemployed.
I'm now re-training to be an Auxilliary Nurse (Squeeeeeeeeeee!)
6. I'm colourbland - but have learnt (through help of one or two of you) that I can learn the basics of computer graphics ... thanks for your help!
7. I'm a head-banger! Yes, when stressed, and in my sleep I will bang my head. It used to upset Mum when I was a baby as I was much loved, now I know it's a sign of stress ... and I will admit to using it when under stress, but I can't get to sleep in the first place! (Maybe it's a good thing I'm single)
8. Until I was 33 I had never even touched a horse ... then I learnt and helped teach ... as well as suffering the loss of my beloved Jaykub, having a foal named after me ... and now knowing he lived in Windsor, being thoroughly spoilt!
9. I love travelling, but don't feel well when flying. I love visiting new places - but am more of a city/museum.castle person than a "view" person ... although I do like unusual sites!
10. The day before my 21st birthday I was hit, while on a bike, by a car going at 40mph ... I had done judo, which saved my life. I ended up seeing a lot of osteopaths, and now wear a heal lift on one leg to compenstae for my pelvic injury.
So although I admit to being accident prone, weird things tend to happen to me!!

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