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Quick Update

Hi everyone ... and thanks for all the positive comments I've received ... and today I had a lovely gift from the very special kudagirl ... thank you ... I'm so glad we are friends.

I have done 3 days of classroom study - and feel completely unprepared for tomorrow morning (7.15 start!!) ... and working on the wards!!! 

The course is basically aiming me to be an Auxilliary Nurse, rather than a Healthcare assistant ... so that stunned me to begin with.  But I do feel positive about how it's going ... a nice group of 14 (of which there are 3 of us at 49!!) ... and all have laughed and paniced together.

I thought I would just scribble this quick update before I do the ward work - panic and run for the hills!

So, thank you for your love and support ... off to read through LJ, before doing some homework!


Tags: nurse, thanks, work
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