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Update ~ Ramble

I have realised that other than bombarding you with icons i haven't written an update recently - bad me!  Sorry

One point I noted on Friday was that the phrase "God moves in a mysterious way" is so true.  He showed me a valid truth through a work of fiction (and one about a wizard!)

In the story "The Warrior" (part of Side Jobs, by Jim Butcher) ...   Harry tells Kelly that life only gives you 2 choices ... you face it or you turn into Miss Hversham.  In other words whatever is out there you either face and get on wth, or you just wrap yourself away and miss out on what life has to offer. 

I'm not saying that I can do that as I tend to prefer to hide in case I get hurt ... but next week I have to face a new start ... so I needed to be reminded that I said when I gave up being an osteopath that God would place me where He wants me to be ... so I must meet those challenges head on ... the worst I can do is fail, but at least I will have tried.

On an international front life seems to be looking up - as Egypt gets a chance for a new start.  James posted this on his facebook link :-

Thanks to the good people, wise, and peaceful people of Egypt.

You have reignited the flame of hope for the World.

Here in the U.S., I am weeping tears of joy. Through the goon squad attacks, through the lies and provocations, you remained strong and kept your revolution peaceful.

I am humbled by your grace. I will teach my children to hope as you have. I feel as if I were waking from a bad dream. We here have been lied too about you. All our lives we have been told that you were a violent, irrational people. Now you have shown us that you are much more.

More than 4,000 years ago, Egypt invented civilization. Today you have reawakened the hope and the promise of civilization. I hope to know you better.

James Marsters

Yes, it was great to see the country acting as one, and keeping things pretty calm ... I just pray that this new start will continue to unite the country and that life will begin to look up for them ... and for other areas of the world where conflict is.

Back to a personal note ...

LJ is great - I love reading friends updates, even if I don't always comment .... it's good to know it's a place where we can let off steam ... but also make genuine friends.  Many of you come in that last catagory, and without LJ, that would not have been the case.  So, justa  thank you to LJ ... and also to louise39 and to strikske (thank you for the lovely message Astrid)

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