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Wednesday - Time To Meet Up With The Neighbours Again!

Another Wednasday has come and it is DJ's day to meet up with Cherry - or is it my day to meet up with Ros?

DJ came in from his field slowly today - I think it is because he was so covered in mud where he had been rolling he knew I really would have to "attack" him!  In actual fact this time of year I try not to groom him much as his winter coat is growing and I don't want to upset the natural oils in his skin.  So the bits I concentrate on are where the saddle and bridle rest - and also combing his mane and tail.

We just made it by our meet-up time - and today went through the managed forests.

Poor DJ almost had problems on the first section of his ride.  He asked to stop so he could "spend a penny - and just as he had got stretched out (horses have to arch their backs to wee) and started, the field that he was facing had a herd of cattle walking towards him - What a difficult decision - did he wait to be stampeded (even though the cows were only walking towards the gate) or did he continue to answer the call of nature.  Well he glared at the cattle and got on with the job in hand!  As we walked away though he kept looking back to see if this invading hoard would follow - we were safe!!

Other than that it was just a great ride.

Ros and I commented that we have met once a week since I stopped working at the stables at Christmas - and in all that time it has only rained once ... not bad planning at all!

well DJ now has some time off as I am on holiday ... I did give him an extra carrot on our walk back to the field - and Toni has promised to give him a carrot when she gives food to hers.
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