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An Icon MEME

classicanne01 posted this meme.

"Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from you profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along. "

So, under the cut you will see the 7 icons of mine that she chose - and why they are special to me. She did comment that I have a lot of Spike ... but with my name what should she expect - anyway ....

In actual fact classicanne01 has chosen quite well as these sum up my life - past and present ... well, mostly ... where's James???? So I had to use a James icon on my own post! The order are as she chose them - so, here goes :-

This was made for me, at my request, by kazzy_cee ... it is a problem to get a picture of a clarinet in a square shape - so this is great. I love colour, so to have the bright background, my name and the clarinet - a great combination ... Thanks again Kazzy.
As most of you, who read my junk know, I play a clarinet. I started learning when I was 12 and only played for about 3 years - never really did any practice and only had group lessons ... then gave up.
When I was 25 I moved to my present location and at the Church we were then attending there was an Easter service that my mother offered my services for ... Arrrgh. I was so upset with her and guilty that someone had written out the music I dug out my clarinet and re-learnt the notes!
I then joined a small music group - 8 of us at the time which over the next 21 years has grown into a Concert Orchestra ... so it has meant that i have been able to learn and develope wlong with that.
10 years ago my oarents also moved and as I go every weekend to visit them I found a band to join that is mostlty x-military men ... so they have really pulled me along and helped a lot.

This was again made for me by kazzy_cee off a photograph that I took of DJ this summer. She has cleaned up the background and made him look a lot posher than he actually is ... so I don't know whether he would like it as much as I do!
You all ahve to suffer my DJ adventures with me - so you know about him.
Of course the great thing about this icon is that it is named ... with my name-sake's name!

This was one I chose from one of the Dr Who communities when I was looking for an icon to go with Dr Who posts.
But this one is of a double purpose for me - so glad it was chosen!
I am a great believer in remembering the sacrifices of the military killed and wounded during war. my Grandfather served in the trenches of World War 1 from 1914 - 1918 - and although not phisically injured those experiences were something he lived with until his death in 1978. He had joined up with his whole class on the big adventure - to be home in time for Christmas ... he was the only one in his class who came home. My Dad was in The Home Guard during the 2nd World War - and lived in The East End of London.
We may continue to go to war to try to solve international problems - but let us "Never Forget" those who paid that sacrifice - and for the families they left behind.

This was especially made for me by movetheair after seeing a post they made on one of the M*A*S*H communities.
M*A*S*H brings back great memories - I first started watching it when I was baby-sitting at the neighbours every weekend.
Then when I was at college it was the one of only 2 programmes I allowed myself to watch every week ... The final episode came about a year after I graduated and I cried buckets! It tells of a group of people living through an extra ordinary experience and then moving on. I think that is what my 4 years at college had felt like on some level.

This was especially made for me by vilakins and celebrates the other programme I allowed myself to watch ... Blakes 7.
For those who don't know this is a picture of the ship, The Liberator, that they had for 3 of the 4 seasons.
Great British TV of the 70/80's ... and my first love - Avon ... all in black leather, with some really cynical views on life (Ring any bells)
Blakes 7 was the first series I watched all the way through - the first one I joined a fan club (and am stll ia member of!) and the first one where I got all the videos!

James - but as we don't know him yet ... and are waiting for!!! One of many great icons that bendy1 made. Both she and Kazzy are where I have a lot of my icons from.
Can't wait to see James in a new role - he so deserves the chance to be better known to a wider audience as he is such an amazing actor.
And filming Torchwood gave him the chance to do 2 concerts at Cardiff ... so I waent to the first and have tickets for next month - Can't wait.

And finally Spike! When I first started finding my way around LJ I asked underthis_shade to make me some icons. She made my 5 - the others were Spuffy - this one is just such a greeat mood-theme icon that it will always be there!
As to Spike - what can I say ... my name sais it all!
He is such an amazingly complex character (brought to life by an incredible actor ... and now by some brilliant authors)
I love his quest for love and acceptance - I think, if we were all honest, we all have that in us. He was just so open - and so tortured by all those he loved.
But then he still made that ultimate sacrifice - and wheteher I see that from Spike's point of view )or amazingly to some people - a Christian point of view) .... Spike is great ... No other word for him!

So - if you want to have a chat about some of your icons let me know when you reply - Hope there are some out there who do!
I have found it interesting myself!!

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