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Yes, I'm quirky ... even i know that, but as for being outgoing and loving to meet new people ... no, I'm afraid that is not me. 

I have a fear of walking into a room ... one of my real problesm ... most people who have met me in RL may have guessed that, as I tend to keep to myself ... it's a weird thing, I know, but I have figured that if I don't get close to people I can't get hurt.  Teenage bullying has a lot to answer for, because even though I know I do it, I can't escape that terror.

Your Little Black Dress Says You're Quirky

You are lively and outgoing. You are naturally friendly.

You enjoy meeting new people and making new connections.

Your style is whimsical and unique. You're good at putting together interesting outfits.

If you were a shoe, you would be: High heeled boots

Tags: bullying, meme, rl

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