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There Are Some Great People Around!

I know that the 3 people who helped me probably wont read this but I do want to say thank you to them!!

Yesterday when I was driving on my normal Friday trip to my parents I had a puncture.  I had just loosed the wheel nuts when a van stopped and 2 guys got out and offered to help me!  So that was marvellous (The last time I had to change a tyre was late at night in the pouring rain - no one helped then!!)

Anyway it turned out that I had some problems with the tracking which had caused huge wear on 2 tyres - so although they changed the tyre I couldn't go anywhere.  So they waited till I had phoned the AA (breakdown people) and then headed on their way.  

About 1/2 later another van stopped - He had driven past about 10 mins previously and as I was still there he wanted to know if I was OK.

So - There are some great people out there!

What a great day - my ride with DJ in the morning, helpful strangers and then those great pictures of James for his new album ... even if I am jealous of how young he looks, seeing as I am only a year older!!
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