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Wow - We Like October So Far!

When I collected DJ today from his field, he felt so warm - his winter coat is growing and as he was standing in the sun he felt like a big cuddly teddy bear!!  (Don't tell him I said that I don't suppose that he would feel all that manly!)

While I was grooming him he just stood and yawned - so I tried finding out what he had been up to over-night  ... but he wasn't telling. I did point out that if he was going to "party" he ought to wait for a non-work night ... but he didn't seem to understand that idea!

The weather was yet again stunning - blue skies with a very gentle breeze ... we must just remember these days, when I am moaning in the wind and rain that we know will turn up!

Toni and Junior went out with us and we went towards the church and the a great canter along a bridle path ... although we had to stop half way as a bramble had snagged the silk off both our hats ... so DJ and I had to turn around to retrieve them ... and then back to the serious business of having a fun canter!

Once back he only had a snack as I had to get back to work.  When I took DJ out I brought Smudge back in as he was due to get his front shoes put back on for him.
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