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I Got A Place ....

.... On the course that I had the interview for.

So, starting 14th Feb for a week I'm going to learn to be an Auxillary Healthcare Worker at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital.

After that, providing I pass, of course, I go onto the "bank" staff ... in other words I work as much as I can, when and where needed.

For me I have a huge "Yay" ... but also a slight panic as to how much I'll cope with any sights I have to see ... but there again, I saw one or two things at the stables ... so I know that I'll basically cope.

I said all along that God would find the place for me.

This course means that if I hate the work I have another training scheme on my CV (and I don't have to pay for it!)

So, having been swimming and now getting a confirmation email it means that I have something new ahead of me to aim for.


Tags: exeter, healthcare worker, work

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