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Pictures Of Honour

I've just posted these pictures on photo_scavenger  and so for those not on that site, thought i would cross post them here. 

This weeks theme is honour -

These 2 broaches are both mine, now.

The one on the left was given by a friend of mine to his wife when he went to serve in September 1939 (having been in the Territorial Army); whilst the one on the right was bouth by my Grandfather in 1915 when he went to France, as a gift to his mother.


I wear both on November 11th each year - in memory of family and friends who served, and returned ... but those memories still linger for them.

My other Grandfather served in the Coldstream Guards between 1919 and 1930 ... my Grandmother made this to celebrate their wedding in 1924. It now hangs on my bedroom wall.


Tags: camera, family, remembrance, war
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