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Just Kicking Myself !!!!!!

I need to remember that sadness is part of life - when I struggle with sad emotions, notice empty spaces in my heart ... then I should be positive ... yes, in noticing the emptiness, I'm reminding myself that I am a complex person.  There may be things I want .... but in being aware of those, I know that nothing is truly missing from me. 

For years I wandered through life in my own little bubble. 

Thanks to LJ (and a couple of RL people), I now have friends and am aware of so much more ... yet that has caused me one or two personal heartaches.  However, I'm out of my bubble - hard at times, but in doing so I now know that there is nothing actually missing from the inner me.

Sadness is part of life - and for a part, it means you can enjoy joy more.

As I read this morning in Isaiah 25 -

God will wipe away all your tears.

It doesn't say that you won't have tears, but that you will be comforted.

So - I most focus on those positves ... and remember that I'm not missing anything ... I have so, so much to be thankful for.

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