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Starting The Year As I Mean To Go On ...

... Well, almost!

I made a couple of new year resolutions ... and broke one today!

I said that I would dress smartly all the time ... you know change my jewellery etc rather than a jeans, t-shirt and the same necklace/earings every day.  I tend to have got lazy - not good for me emotionally, I know, as I tend to have major problems with self-image.

Well that one s OK - I've even remembered to wear lip gloss from time to time.

However I did say I would not do snack meals, but cook more properly - sorry to say, it was a snatch-lunch!  But as I didn't get in the house till 1.15 and I was hungry, I've forgiven myself!

I want to get back to me Getting-To-Know-You meme, as I'm 2/3 of the way through - so next one will probably get done tomorrow.

And, yes, the 366 meme will get done - thanks to all who voted - now you get to see weird pictures about my everyday life.

I went to the Physio today and she has basically said that she can't help me much more - I am doing really well - I can actually breathe and sit now - and even get my breathing set with talking (listening to James works) ... but I still can't walk and breathe ... and still wake up with bad breating patterns - but she has yet again reminded me not to be so hard on myself.

Right, I had better get on - I have a couple of thank you letters still to write.

Speaking of which, I've come back here to cards for kazzy_cee and pfeifferpack .... Huge thanks to both.  I do hope your cards all got to those I posted them to ... especially pfeifferpack , as I never checked your address, and used last years!  Sorry!

Hope you are all keeping well - and enjoying 2011 ... so far!

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