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We Survived!

The rehearsal had been terrible in parts, but on the night there was only one major problem - and I don't think most people in the audience would have noticed!

There are a few notes under the cut.

The orchestra I belong to has about 10-12 of us who meet very week, and then on the actual performance those numbers build to 46 - 50.  I play 1st clarinet - and enjoy the challenge.  This time has been extra stressful as a lot of my f-list know as I had a chest infection at Easter that damaged my lungs - so until a month ago I hadn't actually agreed to play this concert.  But I am glad I did.

The first piece was Beethoven's Egmont Overture.
I do love Beethoven's music - I suppose his was the first symphony that we played that I liked.  His music is loud - but tuneful.  Anyway - the piece went well, and I actually played all my solo links note perfect - I had usually not managed that in rehearal!

Then it was Schumann's Piano Concerto.
This was where we had the problems - we had rehearsed it for a couple of hours in the afternoon with very poor results.  But in the performance we just had problems with the last movement.  The first violins actually got slightly lost - mind you, it was a very hard section to play - as it had very few notes in - and what it had were on odd timings.  Still our soloist just kept going -and a couple of bars later our leader picked her up and the next bar the rest joined in ... so by the time the orchestra in full was due to re-join, all was OK.  My solo bits mostly went OK - one section  ... well, lets put it this way, I won't mention it, if you don't!

We then played a modern suite of music ... Arrgh!!  And worse still as the composer was listening to us - so he would have known how many wrong notes there were!

We finished with Mozart's Linz Symphony.  Although I do love his clarinet concerto, I am not a fan of his.  he only wrote, latterly for the clarinet - so I suppose the stuff we play is a bit jumbled in these arrangements.  Mozart I always find too "sweet" ... which is silly, as most people like the thought of peaceful classical music!  Oh well - it went OK - although I actually didn't play for one of the movements as I was beginning to ache.

Still, everyone seemed to appreciate the concert - and hopefully had a good evening out.

I survived with very sore lungs - and ache today - but I am so thankful that I was well enough to play - after all Easter was a long time ago!  Still the specialist did warn me that it would be October, at the earliest before the damage would be repaired - October 1st tomorrow ... Hooray!
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