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Christmas Decorations

Over most things I am a real traditionalist ... and Christmas decorations are one thisg I love - some of them are years old - and yet, every year they are on display again.

I love this Father Christmas bauble - I had it given me when I was 4

Christmas 2010 

This Angel is 80+ years old - Mum was given it for her 1st or 2nd Christmas - and it's always on the tree.

Christmas 2010 

My love of giraffes is still there over Christmas - this is a lovely white crystal

Christmas 2010 

The right hand Angel was what I was given for my first Christmas and was on the top of the tree for 10 years - now the 2 of them hang from curtains near the tree - part of the "Heavenly Host"

Christmas 2010 

This picture Mum had when she was about 5 -

Christmas 2010 

This I had for my first Christmas -

Christmas 2010

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