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That Icon Meme, Again

You know I love icons - I've said it over the years on LJ - I love the personalisation that LJ has, and it's great to be able to have icons that suit what I'm talking about ... or just to make a boring post look pretty!

The icon meme is always going round, so it's good to get different people to ask me to explain different images.  This latest set was chosen by jaded_jamie and include a good range .... but glad to say, James still sneaks in!


  This was made for me as a birthday present in 2008 by act3scene1

That year I spent a lot of the time ill - starting with almost losing one of my fingers, then getting anaemia and then being ill with what was late found to have been pneumonia.  I seemed to spend my time at the doctors, and she and I are bot Star Trek, Voyager fans, so she laughed and said I could do with an EMH at home, to save me going to the hospital so much.  So she gave me my own EMMH ... and Emergency Medical Marsters Holigram ... much better than the original Star Trek one .... don't you think?

I use "him" when talking about health ... and have been known to offer hinm on short-term loan to ill friends.

   Made by jaded_jamie himself.

Jiffy, as you all know, is a cutie - and I have to keep an eye on him as Jamie has threatened to steal him!

Jamie made this icon of a picture I took of the boy - Jiffy loves his comfort ... and his sleep.  He will hate tonight, as 11pm is a late bed-time for him ... by midnight he will be most upset!.  He is lying sprawled out nest to me, as I type this now.

Thanks Jamie - a great image.

I use it for talking about Jiffy, or about sleep/tiredness etc.

  Made by yappichick

I do love fan-fic ... but think I love procrastination more.  So this suits me, as I have fics in my head, but getting the focus to sit at the computer and write is not by best thing - it is one of my resolutions for this year, though ... so, (hopefully) you've been warned!

I do use it when talking about my own fan-fic ... or comforting another writer who is "stuck"

  Made by toocuteicons

I'm English - so I love a cuppa ... I'm also patriotic ... so either a Flag of St George, or a Union Flag is a great image - lets combine the two, and get the perfect miniature image of Englang/Great Britain!

   Made by me!

I am a fan of Spike - still am, always will be ... but Damon is a great character ... another vampire who doesn't sparkle ... but his his storyline does!  He has really developed over the season and a half - but it's very hard to gather that into 1 image ... I have a lot of Spike icons, this is my only Damon only one.  He is portrayed as the bad-brother, yet as you see here he can focus ... i also love the black coat (I wonder who else wears that!) ... and his ring that keeps him safe.

I'm still learning icon-making ... but am enjoying it ... so it's nice that one of mine got chose.

If you want me to pick some for you to talk about - you only have to ask!

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