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2010 Fandom Meme

We have another Bank Holiday, so while Dad is taking Jiffy for his walk (and Mum is having a snooze) I'm grabbing some more on-line time ... and doing a meme that I snagged from raven_mcbain 

Your main fandom of the year?

Over the last few years my main Fandom hasn't changed - it's still BtVS ... and more especially the Spike ~ Buffy storyline.

However early this this I watched the repeats of The Vampire Diaries .... and loved it.  So, I'm now enjoying season 2.  I can honestly say I am a fan of this show - good stories, a good story line .... and one of the actors in particular  is pretty "easy on the eye".

This Autumn they have also been showing the re-make of V, and I'm glad I started watching that.  I loved the original series, but this is also great - some great stories and characters you can love, and hate.

Your favourite film watched this year?

I haven't been to the cinema since Dragonball last year - so haven't seen any of this years films .... but the favourite film I've re-watched would probably be "Some Like it Hot", as I hadn't seen it fro a couple of years and I had forgotten what an amazing film it is.

Your favourite book read this year?

As ever, I love reading The bible.

But my favourite secular book would have to be "Changes" by Jim Butcher - I suppose the impact of the end was made more intense because we are still waiting for the next part of the story.

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year?

LOL - James!!!  I still love "London City", however "Fall of Night" is a close second now, so it was great to hear GoTR sing that at the last concert.

Your favourite TV shows of the year?

As I've already said Vamire Diaries and V ... but I also liked Being Human, and Survivors.  Most of the shows I watch are repeats.

Your best new TV discovery of the year?

Vampire Diaries.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

I think that would be hearing of a possible re-make of Buffy ... or maybe the comics.

I love BtVS - 7 years of joy (& heartache) .... then fandom kicked in.  To now try and build on that, for me, doesn't work.

Your TV boyfriend of the year?

I said that Vampire Diaries had someone who was "easy on the eye" - yep - Damon Salvatore -


Your TV girlfriend of the year?

I had a choice between Caroline Forbes (off Vampire diaries) as she has really developed since being turned ... but I think the winner is Erica Evans, from V.  You watch her juggle RL, a teenage son and leading a resistance fight - 


Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Does seeing James (again) count - as he is part of fandom?

I, also, loved seeing him in Hawaii Five-0 .... and was happy that he filmed a pilot of another show, but sad it didn't get picked up.

The most missed of your old fandoms?

BtVS, Blakes 7, Star Trek Voyager

The TV show you haven't tried yet, but want to?


Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year? 

Vampire Diaries - I'm a fan of the Damon ~ Elena pairing - so want to see if that ever can work that way.

Again, waiting for news of a James trip!

A bit focussed on a few shows - but I tend to be a boring, stuck-in-the-mud type of person!

Hope you are all having a good Monday ... I'm now off to cuddle by lovely new toy that act3scene1 leaft on my profile page ... Than you, that was lovely.

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