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100 Truths Meme

Had a good Christmas Day - and will post about that probably tomorrow, but, until then I snagged this 100 Truth Meme from luckster25 ... and as it's nice to have a bit of spare time I thought I would do it.

001. Real Name → Deborah
002. Nickname[s]→ Debris, DW, Dib-Dob

004. male or female → Female
005. Elementary school → (Thats up to 9 isn't it?) - Flintmountain Primary School, Branfill School, Butts Green School, Goodrington School
006. Middle school → 9 - 11 = Upminster Junior School (The Bell)
007. High School → The Coopers' Company and Coborn School
008. Hair Color → Brown ... depending what colour I get to cover it's now grey colour!
009. Long Or Short → Short.
010. Loud Or Quiet → Quiet
011. Sweats Or Jeans → Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera → Camera. I only have a basic phone for emergencies
013. Health Freak → No - I love fatty food
014. Drink Or Smoke? → Never, ever smoked. Drink - yes, although I don't often get a chance. Now if I'm out it's with Mum and Dad and I'm driving. Alcohol actually has no effect on me at all!
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → Does James count?
016. Eat Or Drink? → Yes please!
017. Piercings? → Just my ears.
018. Tattoos? → Nope - Mum would kill me!

019. An Airplane → Yes, both to Europe and USA.
020. A Car Accident → In all honesty I have bumped my car twice ... but the most serious was when I was on a bicycle and was run over - the day before my 21st.
021. A Fist Fight → No

022. First Piercing → Ears when 17 
023. First Best Friend → Stepahnie (when I was 3) - we moved away from Flint when I was 5 1/2 
025. First Award → Lego Competeion winner in 1971 (at 10)
026. First Crush → Toby (when I was 7).
028. First Big Vacation → I've always had holidays - the first "big one" was at 16 we went to North France to celebrate M&D's 25th wedding anniversary. 

029. Last Person You Talked To → Jiffy!
030. Last Person You Texted → Tim
031. Last Person You Watched A Movie With → Mum & Dad - a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers one
032. Last Food You Ate → Tea - Cheese on toast and marmalade on toast
033. Last Movie You Watched → Cheaper by the Dozen (the original version) 
034. Last Song You listened To → James - Picture in a Frame 
035. Last Thing You Bought → A CD for Mum for Christmas 
036. Last Person You Hugged → Dad

037. Food → Sausage and Chips (proper fries!) 
038. Drinks → Tea.
039. Clothing → Jeans and tops for winter casual, and skirts and tops for summer ... However I do like formal clothes,a s well.  No real favourites - although the things I have worn to see James are "special"
040. Book → The Bible 
041. Music → James, Beatles, Carpenters 
042. Flower → Honeysuckle
043. Colors → Green
044. Movies → White Christmas, Cary Grant Films ... if James, then Moonshot.
045. Shoes → I'm not a "shoe" person!  I love high heals - but they have to comfy - and don't have the money for lots..
046. Subjects → In school, maths 

047.  Saw James
048.  Gave up being an osteopath.
051.  Said Goodbye to DJ. 
052.  Played in all of my orchestral concerts - I had missed at least one every year, for the last 3 years! 
053.  Made new friends in London - that I now know over here *waves* 
054.  Have started to learn to make icons.
055.  Went to 2 Sately Homes - Lanhydrock (in Cornwall) and Ugbrook (in Devon)
056.  Have had one drabble nominated for 2 awards - the first time ever anything like that has occured.
057.  Taken up swimming again. 
058   Rode a bicycle for a couple of miles - the first time in 30+ years ... and probably the last for as long!!
059.  Had 6 (unsuccessful) job interviews.
060.  Went to 2 funerals - a cousin and a friend.
061.  Went to my nephew's baptism (by immersion)
062.  Did the "Read The Bible in 90 days" challenge.
063.  Got back in contact with the preson who used ot be my Pen-Pal when I was a teenager.
064.  Made a couple of skirts this summer - first dressmaking for about 10 years.
065.  Dug out the knitting needles again ... after a year's gap.
066.  Posted more junk than ever, here, on LJ!!!!!!!!

067. Eating  →  Nothing
068. Drinking → Mug of tea.
069. Getting Ready To →  Take Jiffy for a walk
070. Listening To → . Dad's pc fan!
071. Today →  is Boxing Day
072. Waiting For → News of James doing a "day" in England next year 

073. Want Kids? → Too old now! 
074. Want To Get Married? → If the right guy asked 
075. Careers in mind →  Still working on that! 

076. Lips Or Eyes → Eyes 
077. Shorter Or Taller? → Tallish
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous → Both?
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms → Arms - but there again, don't want to see a "beer gut" 
080. Sensitive Or Loud → Sensitive
081. Hookup Or Relationship → Relationship please.
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant → Bit of both 

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts → I lost one lens when sitting on the floor wraping china to move house 25 years ago - we never found it! 
084. Ran Away From Home → No
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense → Does a foil/sabre or a bow & arrow count ??
086. Killed Somebody → No.
087. Broken Someone's Heart → Not that I know of!
088. Been Arrested → No.

090. Yourself → Very rarely.
091. Miracles → Yes
092. Love At First Sight → Yes.
093. Heaven → Yes.
094. Santa Claus → Yes!
095. Sex On The Date →  ;) 
096. Kiss → One day!! 

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? → Yes.
099. Do You Believe In God → Yes.
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag 5 People: No. I'll just post and if people wanna do it, they can do it!.  - I left the answer as it was! 

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