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More Snow

I live in a town where it basically doesn't snow - 4 days of it in 25 years ... so look at the view out of my bedroom window, this morning!



It hadn't been forecast, and hasn't been mentioned in the news & weather - the only reason I know that it wasn't a figment of my imagination was that on the way to thwe sdhops earlier ... yep ... I slipped over and now have my right wrist strapped ... hoping to at least slow the swelling!  It isn't broken - just very sore!

Oh well, the advantage of this town is that they have actually gritted the road at lunchtime - yet my brother who lives in Exeter (a city) can't move his car for ice - after the snow 2 days ago!

Hope everyone else is warm ... and safe ... well unless you live the other side of the equator, and then I hope you aren't too hot!

Tags: bude, camera, injury, snow
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