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The Icon Meme - Again

Most of you know that I love icons ... I like to have ones that will fit in with what I'm writing about, whether making a post like this one, or making a comment.  This post is about LJ icons - so, as you see, I have an LJ icon to use.

Every so often there is "the" meme going round where you can ask for 5 icons to be picked ... and then you can explain why, etc.  So in this latest round enigmaticblues  chose -



As most of you know I am a James Marsters fan!  I just love this picture of him - it is a "pose" you often see, yet I have still failed to capture properly on camera. 

I use this when I'm teasing, being slightly "naughty" - or just a general James-squeeee post.


I have watched Dr Whoo since (almost) the beginning, and before I ever got into making icons I loved this image of The Tardis ... I got it personalised, and I like the fact that my name becomes part of the "journey".

I use it fro ... suprise, suprise, Dr Who posts.

    shinyshinybaum s idea ... her work is great, and I miss her brilliant comments on James-based icons.

Yep, I use it when I decide the world is going mad!


This is a quote from BtVS, season 5 ... Buffy told Dawn that, and it's used in Once More With Feeling to save her life.  That was a poinant part of the storyline.

However I also like it as a general fact - life can be tough - and I often find myself thinking this.

I tend to rarely use it - as part of a sadness/support comment, but really only if the person involved is a BtVS fan.


This was taken from Caprica, and James played a character who spent much of his time trying to get his followers to follow him and god, as they were involved in the resistance.

I do use this quite a bit, because for me, it is something I also strive for - to be "Closer to God"

So, if you want me to pick 5 icons, then just ask in a comment and I will.
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