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Autumn At It's Best

Sorry to say that for those who had rain today - or if you are going into Spring.  I love Autumn - and today was lovely.  The sun was out - there was a slight breeze, but no flies, less traffic (that's a disadvantage of living in a tourist area) ... so really a great day to be alive ...

And an even better day to be out riding!

Mind you - when I got DJ in I did wonder whether he had got out of bed on the wrong side or something!!  It was probably that I had spent some time with Smudge before I got him, as Toni is away (her father-in-law has had a stroke and not expected to ive) ... and Smudge had pulled the filet string off his rug.  I also noticed that he has taken off both his front shoes - and they haven't been on very long ... Toni will be pleased!!

Anyway, once DJ had sulked his way across the field he walked in to his box OK and stood still while being groomed.  He wasn't happy to see his saddle arriving - Wednesday with only grooming had spoilt him!

Well - we met up with Ros and Cherry and went through the managed forestry.  Ros tends to take a different route to Toni - but DJ is happy to just be somewhere where he can go for a short canter.  With Cherry still being "suspected" of being "in a delicate condition" it was only a short canter - but DJ put a lot of energy into it and enjoyed it!

Once back at his stable he had to cool down a bit before he could eat - while he was doing that I water-proofed his rug, that Toni had kindly repaired for us.

Then he was back to his field - and I checked on all the others before I headed home.

# # # #

Although I did have to go back in the afternoon as the chimney sweep was booked - so I had to go and let him in... and pay, as they had forgotten to leave me the money!!
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