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A Catch Up Thingy!

What a hectic/weird couple of days.

Yesterday we did wonder if we would make it to Church in the morning - and got to the road before our building, where I parked and made Dad walk the last bit!  When we got there, Dad went in and I helped push one of our Elder's cars who had got stuck!  Still most people made it there, including parents of our childrens club and had a good carol service.

Then in the evening we had our Carol Service/sing-song at our house - 20 people ther, and the "rule" is you pick a carol and we sing 2 verses ... so really great, as we ended up singing some really great songs.  We had a quiz in the middle to give our voices a rest, then supper before people went home.

This morning i was due to go to an interview for a course in Feb - but was snowed in - South Devon was stationary. 

So, I got the tree up and decorated ... and then this afternoon I went into town and did a couple of bits of Christmas shopping.

I hope to get back to Bude tomorrow, and have to stay till the 24th (as that's when I sign on) ... so will have to see what the weather decides - all in all nothing is worth a dangerous drive just to collect Christmas pressies, is it?

Hope life is going well for the rest of you.
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