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Shag ~ Marry ~ Cliff

I've just realiswed that I am a week of no-posting on my meme ... but may wait now till next week to get back to that ... and I also volunteered to do the Shag ~ Marry ~ Cliff meme again.

So over a week ago auntiero gave me 3 names - and I'm still undecided ... but here are some answers!

Her actual reply was -

*grin*  - Okay... I'm not going to go with the obvious choices... so...

Mickey Smith
Owen Harper
John Francis Xavier "Trapper" McIntyre

So, hard decisions to be made - What would you do?



Trapper - I loved him on M*A*S*H (the series) - he was fun, goofy, and made many a nurse forget that they were in the middle of a battle-field.  Yet, he was always honest that he was going home to his wife - he never hid her or the kids from you.



Micky was lovely and loyal.  He stuck by Rose, until he realised he was fightingh a losing battle, so put his energy into saving the world - yet, as soon as he saw Rose again, he was there for her.  Although in the end, he knew that however much he loved her, she loved another so he went back to saving the world.

A man of integrity - and loyalty - important long term qualities.



When I first read the list I never thought it would be Owen going over the cliff.  Great character, but pretty self-centered  - and he found it hard to accept true emotions - which is where he knew his affair with Gwen was just fun.  He did want to be with Diane, but found it hard to open up to those around him.

Having said that, his final scene (with Tosh) had me crying!


I suppose there is part of me that wants to Marry Trapper - that 100% loyalty he had to his wife was brilliant - but I would know I could never trust him around a pretty nurse.

Part of me wants to Cliff Micky - he could be pretty boring.

Part of me wants to Shag Owen  - champagne and dancing in the moonlight - he knew how to treat a girl!

That was tough!

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