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Thank You

What a truly lovely morning - the sun is shining, and the postman has just delivered a selection of stupendous cards through my door.

Thank you, so much lilachigh , spikereader   jamalov29  (I'm glad to spend time on the porsch with you) sarian71  (what a beautiful view to have all the time) and kudagirl (your card made me cry!) ... and thank you louise39 for your card that arrived yesterday, which I forgot to mention.

I have so many wonderful friends - Thank you!

All my cards got posted first thing this morning ... I'm off to post some parcels as soon as I've had lunch.

Still some shopping to do, but I'm certainly feeling as if I'm beginning to get organised.

Thanks again - wish I could give each of you a hug in  person.

I've just had a message on that dreaded FaceBook ... Someone that I was a penpal with as a teenager has written to say Hi - so, there are advantages both to the site, and me still being single!

Tags: christmas, f-list, thanks

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