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I must get caught up - when I started the "Getting to know you" meme I knew I wouldn't get it done every day, but this is bad, only about one entry a week!

I'll do the next one in a minute.

Must thank louise39 and spikesdeb for their cards - that's what I've spent today doing.  Sticking envelopes is horrid!!  I have got a lot done, and hope to get them in the post tomorrow, but as I have a job interview in the morning, and it's a fair drive, I may be too cheesed off by the time I get home again!

I have had fun with the icons I've done, so far ... and did another couple of small competitions as well - I have some more 20's to do ... including a set on Spike!  Having doen Capt John this month as well - I'm a lucky girl!

Well, this isn't getting Christmas letters written, or my meme updated ... or the next chapter of my fic looked at either!

Hope all is well with my friends - group hugs .... most of us need it to thaw us out!

Tags: christmas, fan fic, icons, meme, rl, thanks

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