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Just Rambling!

Not around much today, as I'm at Mum & Dad's ... so playing with Jiffy ... and then dentist this afternoon  = 2 fillings!  After that I'm hoping to get inspiration as to what to get M&D for Christmas.  Normally it's a nightmare, but this year, with no money, it's even worse!  If I mention it to them, they do the "don't waste your money, we don't want anything" ... what would happen if I took them at their word??? As to Jiffy - he is happy, no snow, so garden still playble in - we have just been out for a run!  And he has a new friend, on my LJ profile page, to play with. Hope you all are having a good start to December.
Tags: christmas, dentist, jiffy, mum and dad, snow, thanks

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