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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
BtVS Reboot ... + A Bit More Of The Fandom Meme 
1st-Dec-2010 11:54 am
Spike - ever changing

Over the last couple of weeks there has been some talk about the BtVS reboot. 

I am one of those who don't want to watch it ... If I love a film or a series, part of why I like it is the combination of the actors, the stories, the film sets etc 

To me Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy ... as are all the other actors who were in the series (come on, could anyone replace James?); and Sunnydale was the view that I saw before it was lost in a huge hole.

If they do post-BtVS/Angel, then we are still missing the actors - and for me, as many, we have our own ideas as to post the series.  I have never read the comics - I live in Spuffy fandom.

So, whoever is involved I doubt I will even watch the credits.

I am like it with other things, as well - some films should never be remade, other series, just too iconic.  I will admit I've had to change my mind over V, as I loved the original, and am enjoying the re-make.

M*A*S*H was another thing - I loved the series, saw it first - and hated the film.  Friends have done the opposite - but to me Alan Alda is Hawkeye, etc.

Speaking of which, I posted a andom Meme yesterday and I talked about Spike, Faith and Damon here   Well I have just been asked by cbtreks  about Hawkeye from M*A*S*H

(a) Three facts about them from my personal fanon.
Hawkeye was great at having a laugh at the toughest situation - yet would work for 24 hours without stopping.
He was willing to show his emotions - over losing a patient, saying goodbye (to Radar, Trapper, BJ) hearing his dad was ill, etc.
He liked the "cofort" of his situation - I can relate to that - so Goodbye was a hard word 

(b) A reason he/she sucks.
He didn't take his girls seriously at all - I know he was in war, and the nurses came and went - but he hated sharing himself with any of them. 

(c) A reason he/she is amazing.
He faced his demons - you saw over the 11 years many things he was scared of, and finally he broke at the end - yet he went back and faced them ... and won through 

(d) (Up to) Five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
I would love for him to find someone to love - and equal ... I think he and Marageret could have worked, as they were both to scared to open up too much.
I would like him to get back in touch with Trapper - be friends again.
I hope he doesn't lose touch with BJ, Klinger and Col Potter
I hope he gets a nice "country parctice" - near a golf course.

(e) Five people that I can't ship that character with and why.
In actual fact - I don't do Slash - and certainly not for Hawkeye ...  so listing his male friends would be here ... there was only one constant female companion ... Margaret, and as I've already said - I think they would work well.


And, before I forget - "How Rude" act3scene1 .... you give me a pressie, but no way of opening the box - LOL  Thank you, very much - That was a lovely start to December for me.

1st-Dec-2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
If I understand the "reboot", it won't be about the series. The people who bought Joss' original script was only for the movie before the series. I don't think they can use certain characters or ideas that were only in the series. I think they can use Buffy, The Slayer idea, and maybe Merrick type characters, but not the characters who were original to the series like Angel, Spike, Joyce, Dawn or the Scoobies or even Sunnydale.

I will wait to see how the whole reboot thing goes. It could be amazing or an amazing failure of epic loss. I wouldn't mind it if they went with a slayer who was called that we have never seen or something along that line. Buffy's story is firmly settled in the mind of true fans. Screwing with that would only invite major snark.

Thanks for my pressie as well. Love getting pressies. Haven't had a chance to send any myself, but think you will find one on your profile page in a day or so. *hugs*
1st-Dec-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's it's pre-BtVS then that would be good. I saw the film years ago, but don't remember much about it.

A first-called Buffy could work - although I do like Sarah ... and learning about those first few weeks would be one I would watch. hadn't thought of it going "backwards"

Oh a pressie to a special friend - hope it's a good start to December for you - *hugs* you back.
1st-Dec-2010 02:29 pm (UTC)
The movie was way too campy for my taste. Joss left the movie over how the people who bought his script messed with it. They had the rights so he had to give them credits on both BTVS and ATS, but I don't think they have rights to certain things about the series.

If the reboot is done with a serious style more like the series, I might like it. Lots depends on the script and who they cast. If they go more toward a "Twilight" style of thing, I'll avoid it and snark about it no end. I really hated the whole Bella/Edward relationship. It reminded me way too much of Buffy/Angel in the beginning. I think both relationships weaken the characters. It's why I love Buffy/Spike. They are both warriors who stand side by side instead of all that woe is me angst.
1st-Dec-2010 02:33 pm (UTC)
Oh don't get me started on Twilight! I'm sure Angel would have been happy to join that and sparkle!

1st-Dec-2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
You know I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I never thought I'd watch the reboot movie, especially when I saw some of the early trailers and heard about the changes they'd made. Then I heard that there were actual, logical reasons for the changes and gave it a chance - and it was amazing! I loved every minute of it and now I own it.

Of course, Star Trek has time travel and alternate universes to play with and that made all the difference in the world. I doubt they'll be using those in the Buffy movie! (Though I get the idea that the reboot actually applies to the original Buffy movie which wasn't bad - but it's not the BTVS we've all come to know and love. I'm not sure I'd bother to see the new on in a theater.)
1st-Dec-2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
I never got into Star Trek, then watched a bit of Next Gen ... but fell in love with Voyager.

I like them all, and the films are OK - although I think they work as they are of slightly different time zones.

However the latest film is one I have still to see - but have heard great reports, so will hope it is on over Christmas!

As I said to Kuda, I had thought about it going "backwards" with BtVS - a young Buffy + Merrick could be something I could have a look at ... so we shall have to wait and see.
1st-Dec-2010 02:00 pm (UTC)
To me Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy ... as are all the other actors who were in the series (come on, could anyone replace James?); Word.
To me it's one of the reasons why the series is unique and will remain so, forever. I can't be interested in anything else.
1st-Dec-2010 02:04 pm (UTC)
Those actors are the characters - they are why we love (and hate) them - why they are real!
1st-Dec-2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
From what I read it looks that Kristi Swanson, the original Buffy, is interested in being Buffy again. I think that it will be difficult to please the tv series fans, specially if they choose a story in where Buffy is older. How to forget what we have learned in the tv show just because they can't mention it in this new film?

A new Buffyverse is what I think this movie will bring and I can't help but being curious if the writer is witty enough to make it work.

PS: I hate SMG. Lol! :)
1st-Dec-2010 05:33 pm (UTC)
Yep - the only time I watch Sarah is in BtVS - but she is Buffy. I don't want to see a future story at all. I suppose the only way it would work in the future if she wasn't the slayer that the story was about!

Kuda mentioned it may be a re-make of the film, if so that could work - I would be interested to see what the pre-story is.

However I agree, BtVS had some great writers, along with the actors, so overall it hasn't got my vote!
1st-Dec-2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
The original movie didn't work out, Joss himself wasn't pleased with it. Why on earth would someone do a remake of something that didn't come out well? I think they need to start from scratch if they want a chance to success.
1st-Dec-2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
I agree - I actually heard that the BtVS will be completely different from the show, with a different plot and all. But like you, I don't think I want to watch it - the show is so special to me and nothing can ever be as great! I say there is no Buffy without Joss Whedon.

Some reboots can be successful, such as Star Trek which was incredible. Others just should not happen!
1st-Dec-2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
I quite like a lot of the Star Treks - but maybe that's cos I dip in and out ... BtVS ... no way can they ever do anything to replace Joss, the other writers, or the actors!
3rd-Dec-2010 08:39 am (UTC)
You are very welcome. :) Oh, you should know me by now, only the rudest of gifts shall be given. You'll be able to stare at this one, from now, until forever, and NEVER be able to see what is inside! It's all part of my evil plan to drive all of my friends to madness.
3rd-Dec-2010 10:31 am (UTC)
I'd hoped that being at Mum & Dad's this weekend the different monitor would let me peep inside ... no go ... so far!

Thank you!
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